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A Mother's Influence is the intriguing story of a mature young girl named Anolese -- who knows exactly what she wants at an early age. Her parents, however, have different plans for her life and shelter her at every turn.

In time, she learns first-hand, indelible lessons about how trusted people can turn cold and calculating. Though she always appears to be in the midst of a storm, Anolese's triumphant transformation from girlhood to womanhood, leaves her standing tall with strength, faith in God and enduring perseverance.


After reading the book one may wonder about the following:


Does anyone believe in being a virtuous woman?


Does anyone have the right to question your beliefs?


How long is too long to stay in a bad relationship?

Truth or Fiction

Would you give the love of your life a second chance?

Respect or Disrespect?

What would make you trust someone again after they broke your heart multiple times?


Are things ever what they appear to be?

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Whether on the go or relaxing in the comfort of your own home, A Mother's Influence is that "cozy-up-to" book you can take wherever you go. Happy reading!

E-book Showcase Image
E-book Showcase Image

Spark your imagination

Imagine living the life you've always imagined and more! Now, imagine having to overcome real struggles and countless adversities to get there. How much tenacity, creativity, faith, hope and patience would that take?

What others are saying about the Fictional Novel

  • “ One of those "I can't put the book down" reads. For her first book, Ms. Gearing has done an exceptional job at capturing the reader's attention right from the very first page. As the story vividly grips the attention and imagination, it illustrates the unique vision and talent this new author brings. Excellent work! A Mother's Influence is a passionate story and reminder of what it means to have faith (through adversity), respect, common sense, fortitude, "strength", and enough love for self that is translated outward and ultimately returned in multitude."

    • I. Weaver
    • HR Professional
  • “ The author's debut novel, "A Mother's Influence" is a must read! It is a fictional story representing life's ups and downs. A real page turner! The author vividly brings the multi-dimensional characters to life. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. The main character is Anolese. She symbolizes anyone with a fortitude for life. A woman of faith with tenacity who refuses to "throw in the towel!". One who continues to rise after every fall. A true definition of success. Anolese is a phenomenal woman! Great book for book club discussions.

    • Michele E. Horne, MD, MPH
    • CEO and Owner, Central Coast Total Wellness
  • “ I have just completed reading your book. I am overwhelmed and my heart is full. God has given you a gift and I thank you for making the time to share it. I rode every rollercoaster of emotion with Anolese. I hated Ryan and at times I wanted to hold him. I saw myself in two of your characters. I saw my parents in Anolese's parents. Please write a second novel about the next chapter in Anolese's life."

    • D. Quick
    • Avid Reader
  • “ It's always great looking into the lives of others -- whether fictional or not. I enjoyed the unfolding of your book! Congratulations. You have a new fan :-)!”

    • D. Sterling
    • Key Quest Publishing



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A Note From The Author

"I want to write a book! I want to write a book!" This is what I repeatedly shared with one of my co-workers, Annette Read. I said it so often that I gave my credit card to Annette and said "sign me up." She signed me up for a creative writing class. When I finished my first essay, my teacher told me that I should continue to write because I had a knack for it. Life happened and I brushed it aside for over twenty years. After retiring in January of 2013, I decided it was time to put "pen to paper" and challenge myself!

Read me! This book is a keepsake.
- Willie Mae Gearing

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